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If Disney has The Lion King, the adult industry has the DogFart Network which is pretty much its version of the famous movie. Only that it is something much bigger, because for one thing, it taps into one of the ultimate niches in pornography, which his interracial sex. On another note, it has gone bigger than the massive thing that it already was. Now let’s do a quick review given the constant updates that had been going around.


Female always score better in my logic classes. But I think, most of them simply put aside the beauty and power of logical thinking whenever they are into a serious relationship. Logic has since been scrapped in the face of interracial connections, but here is one lesson in compound propositions that might help you decide whether to continue or end a doubtful relationship immediately after reading this post: Either the black guy is always absent but consistent in his reasoning or he is always present but inconsistent in what he is saying. The brown eyes speak of his commitment to you and the latter, of his commitment to somebody else.

This is something beautifully examined and proven by the Dogfart discount membership in its pursuit to bring depth into interracial pornography. They feature all blacks, blondes, and other skin colors from different races from all walks of this beautiful life and try to see how they blend well when jumbled for a sex session with partners they don’t know who and where from.

The said porn network now offers different payment options, especially for those who are planning to make their initial subscription to the site. So much for that, let’s talk more about what essence this gem really holds. We’ve tapped into its first pillar which is the interracial that it tries to depict in the most elaborate and perhaps effective way. Next thing we have to look into is the amount of videos it actually presents to its audience. It’s actually a mega pass site that lets you in on database of over 7,000 videos coming from several affiliate sites concentrated on interracial porn. So apart from its diversity in color, it adds more spectrum by incorporating different styles and genres from the perspectives of a diverse set of exclusive porn sources.

With a rating of 9.4 out 10 from top porn site reviews, the DogFart Network really does serve it purpose excellently. Interracial porn has never really been this ecstatic.